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New girl ^___^!

I'm a fairly (read, VERY) new fangirl of Alex Rider ^____^, I just went to see Stormbreaker when my boyfriend recommended it to me ^_^, and I fell in love with it, Alex, and Yassen, especially. XD; I dunno why xD, but I really fell in love with Yassen, and immediately, the next day, I went out and bought the book of Stormbreaker (movie edition with tons of piccies of everyone's favourite cute little haystack ^OO^!) book, and then I went to see it again with my friend Beccy, and we both pointed out the differences and quoted the movie XD; 

Basically, the movie was amazing (can't wait for Point Blanc, now I've read the book!), and I had to read all of the books as soon as I'd seen it XD, so now I've read them all, but Ark Angel, I'm about halfway through it. 

*deletes spoiler because she's too dense to use lj-cut @__@;;*

thank-you for making this community ^___^, and thanks to reese_ed for my
awesome Alex icon! ^O^ and uhmm, that's all!


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