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A few months ago in early June I decided to write a letter to THE Anthony Horowitz. I rambled one for two pages about er... stuff. 

Dear Anthony Horowitz,


     My name is Suzy Aldridge and I’m 15 from a village called Wombourne and am many things of which geek, computer nerd and bookworm are just a few.

Okay, so usually I’m not the type to write fan letters but I decided I’d make an exception (Hm… that sounded a little bit obsessive). Anyway, you are my favourite author and I’m still desperate to read any other things that you’ve written such as Frederick K. Bower and some fantasy stories I’ve recently discovered (Hm… that sounds very obsessive).

     My favourite series are the Alex Rider books (which I adore) and The Power of Five series (I eagerly await the next book). I love the fact that the majority of your main characters are teenagers because I actually started reading your books when I was 14 (“14-year-olds are the coolest people on the planet”) hence I was very down hearted when I turned 15.

     Alex has got to be one of my favourite characters ever because he’s so intelligent and witty as even when he’s tied to a chair and being threatened (which happens an awful lot) he manages to come out with a brilliantly sarcastic remark. And although he has been through six books he hasn’t become a manically depressed Harry Potter-type or been murdered brutally.

     My favourite of the books is Point Blanc because it has that one section when Alex is snowboarding down the mountain of an ironing board. I once did a book review on that piece and was shocked to find that no one in my class had even heard of you (Shock/Horror/Melodrama)! I also love the fact that quite a few really good characters emerge in this book such as Fiona Friend, James Sprintz although it’s a shame about the lack of Yassen Gregorovich (I am totally worryingly obsessed with the Russian assassin – thank you for creating him).

     I think Matt Freeman is just as good because like Alex he’s witty and sarcastic but at the opposite end of the scale. Alex has languages and karate whereas Matt has bizarre special abilities that work at the exactly correct time to make the moment explosive (excuse the mildly ‘Flog it’-like pun).

     Nick Diamond also cracks me up; it’s just the way he has to cope with Tim and the police and anyone who happens to want to submerge his feet into cement at that particular moment in time.

     I am one of the very few people in my year that actually understands what a “book” actually is: unless it has the words “biography” or “football” in the title. Hence am always asked what I’m reading at the time and then freak the person out by reading a completely new book the following day! I also love writing things such as random scripts or stories, which never get finished, and FanFiction, which sometimes get finished. I’ve put in one of my (very) short stories; I hope you can give me any advice on how to improve it.

     I can’t wait until Stormbreaker, what I have seen so far from the trailers makes me impatient as I love the casting (especially Damien Lewis as Yassen Gregorovich) and I anticipate your next book, whether Alex Rider or The Power of Five, with great enthusiasm although by then I will have probably re-read the other books several times much to the annoyance of my friends (who have to put up with the quoting). Not to mention my moaning about wanting to go to the exhibition in Leeds.

     Finally… Now I’ve finished rambling for two pages and if you have actually carried on reading after the first paragraph then thank you and good luck on any future books or movies. I hope you reply as that would make me very happy and possibly hug everybody nearby.



Yours sincerely,

 Suzy Aldridge

Anyway, this morning my Mom called up from downstairs saying I had a postcard. Which is generally an odd thing seeing as no-one I know is on holiday.


Anthony Horowitz actually read MY LETTER!! Something that i'd written! I might write again to say thank you and ask for his autograph! YAY! *dances*


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