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Summary: Alex meets a maletomorrow person

“We met accidentally. He was on a mission to find out about a strange new group of super telepaths, supposedly threatening British Isle Security. I was just trying to cope with being, for a time, the most mundane of that super telepathic group, the Tomorrow People. He was 19 now, tall, built, super hyper…I didn’t stand a chance. I fell in love immediately….there he was…a white grizzled monster of a man, skeletal face, bony legs and arms…in shorts no less…standing in Alex’s bedroom in his new home.”

“I’m going to kill you.” The monstrosity with the red tinted glasses pointed a strange gun at me. Being a Tomorrow Person for just about six months, I was able to ascertain that it was a ray gun of some kind.

I turned over in bed. I looked at the gun. My name’s Dimitri. I’m Italian American on my mum’s side, Russian on my Dad’s side. I’m also sort of unflappable and sorta normal. Well, if you don’t count the ability to read other Tomorrow People’s minds, the ability to lift objects with my mind---but I’m not very good at either just yet, and oh yeah, the most important, the capability of vanishing from one place to another in short bursts unless aided by the bio computer TIM—then I can jaunt as it’s called to any part of the Earth I want.

“Why do you want to kill me? I mean yeah, you probably know about me, the special powers and all that, but really, I’m not really a threat to anyone…least of all someone like you. I don’t even know who you are, sir.”

“It doesn’t matter. All that matters is that he’s in love with you.”

“He? Who?”

“You know!” He spat. Literally.

“Alex? Oh, him. I’m just in love with him. I don’t think he really loves me, you know. I mean how could anyone not fall in love with him? I betcha you are, aren’t you?”

“I am not!” He pointed the gun closer at the bed, making it aim at my face some more, as if the gesture of waving it closer would make me change my mind. “He ruined all my plans! All of them! He killed all of my clones, killed all…”

My face broke the unflappable mode. “Killed? Alex’s killed?” Oh, one thing about us Tomorrow People. We can’t kill. I didn’t even before being a Tomorrow Person. Escaping Russia had been a bitch with the help of other Russian Tomorrow People and with help from Tomorrow People from around the world and other more advanced telepaths…but while some of the more advanced ones could kill, Tomorrow People can’t and won’t or won’t and can’t. That face, that Alex could kill and may have even chosen to kill in the past, threw me.

“Oh yes, killed all my chances. All my dreams…”

Typical world conquest kind of guy then. I’m glad Alex stopped him. I looked the laser gun. “Oh well. I guess if you have to.”

The villain stared. “I will.”

“Okay, then,” I shrugged, “I’m ready if you are.”

Outside, Alex was listening with one of his ear devices. He was also far across the street on the roof of a very gothic cathedral. Yeah, he lived on the same street as an old giant church. It was really cool. His house keeper, live in guardian, Jack no longer lived with us. She moved out the week I moved in. I told her she could stay but she decided not to. I love her. She’s so nice. Alex loves her, too. She comes over three times a week on different days. I’m about to die, did I mention that?

Alex’s ear piece made him overhear the conversation. If I could imagine how he looked, I’d say he looked nervous. His motto was not to let em see him sweat but he was sweating now. For he did so love me. At least, I thought he did. Or perhaps it was the thought of one of his adversaries killing something that was his or something that he had to protect. For my dear, blond, brown eyed---and sometimes they looked hazel---super spy could be, rather, uhm, cold when he needed to be. He wore a bomber jacket and it was green I think. He took out a crossbow and fired it at the double doors of his elaborate and modern home. The crossbow arrow flew across the street, a thick wire from the device to the arrow. Alex put the crossbow fire mechanism around a thick metal pole on the church rooftop. Probably some kind of satellite for the nuns and priests to watch cable. He slid across the wire using a black strap from his jacket pocket. He had no time to waste. Feet first he crashed into the doors and they flew open, he put his feet behind him and his heels fired rockets of some kind. This propelled him into the villain facing me.

Alex and villain hit the bed. I vanished. Which is the proper thing to do when in such a situation. I appeared where the white monster man had stood a moment ago. “Alex?”

Alex jumped up from tying up the monster man. “Dimitri?”

“Here,” I waved, “Hullo. I knew that you’d go to bed with another man some day but I didn’t think he’d be so much older than you…” I laughed.

Alex looked at the monster, “Ewl,” he jumped off the bed, the ray gun in his hand. I watched as he jumped into me, bodily. Body to body. He put the ray gun between us and hugged me.

I wanted to say something about is that a ray gun in your pocket but it just seemed so cliché. So he said something cliché first, “I love you so much.”

I wanted to say ditto but he humped me against the wall.

“Now,” he said when we were done, oh, and oh yeah, the authorities from UNIT or MI6 or whoever, took away the old monster man. “I want you to get out.”

“What?” I said, dazed. “You’re kicking me out?”



“You’re impossible. Useless in a scrap. You’ve had my house invaded by an enemy of mine.” Alex went to a cabinet and took out a soft drink. He tossed one to me and opened another. “I’m 19 now. I’ve been in this business for over what? Six years? I’ve got more enemies than you have Tomorrow People friends. Find someone among them to have your fun with.”

I swallowed. “Fun with? Is that what we have? Were having?”

Alex turned to the wall, “Yeah. Just that, nothing more. Or did you think…” he turned to look at me, “Did you seriously think…” that Brit accent. That does it to me, me thinks. “That I, Alex Rider, could possibly love someone like you? Such a loser like you?”

I felt stung. Tears came to my eyes. “I…”

“Is that all you can say? Look, it’ll happen again. Another crazed lune will find where I live, try to kill me maybe. Maybe will kill anyone else here. That’s why I wanted Jack out of here, not cause she was cramping the great sex I was giving you…”

“Giving me?”

“Yeah, course I was. Someone like you. A virgin. Had to feel sorry for you.”

I nodded, “You know, Alex you can be a real bastard sometimes…”

Alex looked at me. Cold eyes. “Not buying it are you?”

I felt tears come down my cheeks. “Not a word. Fuck face.”

“I want you to leave.”

“Make me!” I shouted, “You make me!”

“Not a problem,” Alex came right up to me, put the soda down on the white tile floor and grabbed both my forearms. “Come here you.” He brought me to him again and our bodies touched.

“I love you so much,” Alex repeated, “I can’t ever lose you.”

“If I die, it is my choice,” I said into his mouth and then poured my tongue into it as well.

We ended up, both totally nude, snuggling after our sex. I floated in his arms, then he behind me, floated into a land like no other. We went to a place beyond time, beyond the harsh realm of his world, a world where at age 14 he was enlisted to be a super spy, secret agent kid to replace his slain uncle…and as it turned out he later discovered his father and mother…his world was cold and hard. He made me hard. My world was much the same and yet different. The Tomorrow People made it warm and hopeful. I didn’t know how we could make it together but we would. We had to. I just didn’t know how long it would last. We both had several different worlds pulling us in separate different directions. Could we last as a couple? Could we face each other? I was damned sure willing to try. And he…? Softy that he was underneath. He could never kick me out. Or hurt me physically.

“My world, the only one I care about, IS you. You are my world. Without you, this Earth that you save so much means nothing. All my growing powers…”

“Just interested in one growing power you have right now….”

“…mean nothing. I don’t want to live without you.”

“…nor I without you….”
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