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So I saw Stormbreaker last night (it finally came to a theatre close to me!)... I want to give my two cents about it, if you all don't mind.

Ok, first of all... lets get this out of the way: what the hell was Sabina doing in the first movie? She didn't even come into play until halfway through Skeleton Key (if I remember correctly... it's been about 4 months since I've read the books.) I will admit that they did do a good job incorporating her, even if it meant bastardizing the book.

Next: Why did they change the character to be "Darrius Sayle?" The character was completely changed... he's no longer the poor impovershed Egyptian boy who saved the lives of a British couple. Now he's a redneck hick who's mom happened to win a state lottery. Personally, I thought the other character was much more believeable, and thought Oded Fehr (from The Mummy) would have been perfect for the role.

Which leads me to casting: Mickey Rourke? ugh, please. But then again, I despised his entire character. Mr. Grin was perfectly cast. I'm not fond Damian Lewis (Yassen Gregorovich.) I think it was the upside-down stealth tactic that bugged me the most about him, along with his accent. And Alicia Silverstone is horrible, she came off as very whiny and helpless when Jack didn't come off that way in the books. Blunt was well cast, but I didn't picture Miss Jones (who was Mrs. in the movie) being cast as a pretty black woman. I actually pictured Lily Tomlin in that role. And she never had a peppermint! That's something that the author always mentioned... you'd think he would've kept something accurate. Nadia Vole was annoying, but I guess that was ok for the role. I didn't picture her to be that annoying in the book. I did like the Man-O-War scene though. Classic. I liked Smithers... he seemed really cool, but I can actually picture Robbie Coltrane in that role instead of the P.M.

If I hadn't read the book, It would've been really good. My sister didn't read the books and didn't like it... she said it was too much like a cheesy James Bond knock off.

Hopefully I didn't turn anybody off of going to see it. It's a good movie, and it was worth the $5 I spent. Just take it with a grain of salt. The other person I went with didn't know Sabina was going to be in the movie, and it ruined the whole thing for her. Do yourselves a favor and look at's listing for the movie before you go. You all (having read the book) know the exact storyline used in the movie... the only difference is the acting and any little pieces that they changed for the movie.

All in all, it was a good movie. I hope they'll do Point Blank soon!
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